What are the differences between Pure Farming 2018 and Farming Simulator 17?

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What are the differences between Pure Farming 2018 and Farming Simulator 17?

We started playing Farming Simulator games from Farming Simulator 14, then tried Farming Simulator 15 and it appears to us that these types of games are really catching and bring lots of satisfaction to its fans. One of the biggest news, regarding Farming Simulator games, is that Techland started publishing Pure Farming 2018: The Simulator. As you may already know, Farming Simulator originally belongs to Giants Software so Pure Farming 2018 is going to bring some competition into the field. We were lucky to know more about these two Farming Simulator games during Gamescom 2016 event and we are ready to share our insights with you.

Some of you may be surprised to know that we took our time at the event to explore both, Farming Simulator 17 and Pure Farming 2018. The reason for such interest is simple – we really enjoy the feeling of growing your own vegetables and taking care of your farm in the manner that you prefer. As we all were already familiar to Farming Simulator games and what to expect from them, Pure Farming 2018 seems to bring something new to the farming arena. So while deciding on which of these two games to try, we tried to exclude the main differences between Farming Simulator 17 and Pure Farming 2018.

One of the main resemblances between Farming Sim 17 and Pure Farming 2018 is based on its gameplay. Both of the games is based on growing plants, breeding animals and completing some quests. Farming Simulator 2017 developers Giants have been creating this game for quite a long time so we expect Techland, Pure Farming 2018 publishers, to bring us something new and unseen. As we already know, Techland promised to bring more depth into the game than ever before. However, even though Farming Simulator 2017 is quite similar to its previous versions, some updates are made also. To name a few, there will be some new crops like Sunflowers and Soy Beans. There will also be a wide variety of farming equipment offered to Farming Simulator 17 game fans, including over 70 names of brands.

One more improvement in Farming Simulator 17 is related to the tasks including your neighbors. You may be asked to tend your neighbors’ crops while they are sick, providing you the possibility to use their farming equipment for completing the task. These tasks will also help you to buy other farmers’ land a lot easier. As we mentioned before, you will be able to rent some farming machines from your neighbor but that’s not all. In Farming Simulator 2017 you will also be able to try out the equipment before buying it. Just be careful – if you rent farming equipment for too long, you will have to pay a lot. It will better for you to just try it out and then decide, whether it is worth purchasing or not. Farming Simulator 17 will also provide its players with the ability to drive trains to make the transportation of crops and wood easier. Another feature, related to it, is tension straps that will remind you the problem of hay bales rolling off the trailer.

To sum up, Farming Simulator 2017 may genuinely seem like an update to other games of the series. There may be some issues for the new players but overall, this farming simulating fame is really enjoyable. However, Farming Simulator games received some criticism, saying that the game looks quite ridiculous or referring to PewDiePie and saying that “this is a great game for YouTube”. Let’s Play videos also made the situation with Farming Simulator worse but that was not a problem for more than 5 million game fans that kept playing Farming Simulator game, no matter what is being said about it.

Pure Farming 2018: The Simulator – how it will be different from Farming Simulator 17?
While Farming Simulator 17 may come with some mixed opinions, Pure Farming 2018 seems like a real deal. One of the main features is that Pure Farming 2018 will include several full campaign modes that will be based on different situations. For instance, one of these modes includes inheriting a farm while being just a novice farmer and having no idea on what to do with it. While developing your farm you will also be able to expand it to other continents.

Pure Farming 2018 is also a great choice for new farmers as it is created to teach its players throughout the game. Game players will also have a wide variety of options to make the game more dynamic. Farmers will be able to choose, whether they want to grow their plants in orchards, greenhouses or more. The game will also be full of different tasks and events that may help you to become richer.

As we mentioned before, as you develop your farm in Pure Farming 2018, you will have a possibility to spread your farming business in other locations, including Japan, Italy and Colombia. The farms will be different in each region, offering regional plants and farming equipment. For example, in Japan you will be able to grow cherries and rice, in Colombia you will have coffee and industrial hemp and in Italy you will be able to take care of olives and grapes.

Another game mode, which will be included in Pure Farming 2018: The Simulator, is the Scenario Mode. This mode will be full of time-limited tasks that will include: one hour for producing a set amount of energy with two different energy sources or producing milk.

All in all, Pure Farming 2018 seems to be very dynamic and deep. You will not only need to take care of your plants and animals but also take some time to maintain your farming machines. You may need to repair it and regularly check whether they are in a good shape. It seems that Pure Farming 2018 will be full of new responsibilities that will be needed for you to be a successful farmer. So it seems that Pure Farming 2018 will change the way that we played Farming Simulator games before.

As we took a look at the differences between Pure Farming 2018 and Farming Simulator 17, it is the perfect time to make some conclusions. If we need to choose, which game is better, in this competition, Pure Farming 2018 will be the winner. This is because the level of dynamic and depth it offers. While Farming Simulator 17 seemed to be quite static, being modified only with the help of Farming Simulator 17 Mods, Pure Farming 2018 is going to change the way we see farming with its level of depth and other options it provides.

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